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What are you eating?
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cottomcheese with tomatos and some spices on a fresh slice of bread.

french fries made from carrots covered in parmesano
(cut them into sticks, put them into a jar with oil, salt and pepper, them shake it and coat them with the parmesan.
then put them into a oven at 200°celsuis for 25mins until the crust is crusty)
(also using pumpinks instead of carrots is tasty too)

cocumber-spaghetti salad with feta and watermelons
(just use a peeler to make "noodles" out of the cocumber, cut feta and the melon into little cubes and add some sunflower seeds.. also a bit salt and pepper for the taste.. there is no need for oil)

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What’s the question, what am I eating right now or what I eat in general? Smile

Right now some grapes, it’s late and I don’t eat heavily after nightfall. In general I prefer to make my own food, I especially avoid processed meat, I make my own steak thank you very much. Big Grin

Well, it's storming and raining outside (extremely hard) and I don't have an umbrella with me and nothing in the fridge, so all I could eat right now is some peanutbutter and coffee, lol.

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Better response on post RE: What are you eating?
An entire bag of Lays Dill Pickle Chips. I feel kind of sick.


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