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Juan Carlos Delrieu: Companies Trust Job Function Email Database Posted on 10/05/2017
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Juan Carlos Delrieu Director of Strategy and Analysis of AEB The commercial banking model in Spain, focused on accompanying families and Job Function Email Database throughout their life cycle, is a competitive advantage that extends ever more strongly in the banking relationship with its business customers. In fact, it is striking that, in light of the latest survey carried out by inmark, the confidence of Spanish companies in financial institutions has Job Function Email Database in recent years. Accordingly, Spanish companies recognize a significant reduction in the obstacles that only a few years ago limited their access to bank financing.

Just as striking is, as the same survey shows, that 66% of companies are very satisfied with the basic services offered by banks. A result that, in reality, is the result of the enormous competition that exists in the sector and that has led to a notable Job Function Email Database improvement in financial conditions for its Job Function Email Database and a range of services that is the widest in the entire euro zone. Thus, the Spanish banking system has been laying the foundations to fulfill its primary function of financial intermediation, channeling the savings of families and companies towards productive investment. Later, the deepening of alternative financing markets and the appearance of new Job Function Email Database from the digital world will lead to a more diversified and solid capital base for smaller companies.

However, it is to be hoped that the banking system , as it has done up to now, will respond to these new sources of competition with product and service diversification strategies . In any case, the development of these initiatives will be progressive and, probably, will advance at a slow pace because, among other reasons, the financing system of a country Job Function Email Database be transformed in a short space of time, and even less so in a country like the ours in which, despite everything, commercial banking continues to be a global benchmark. Therefore, bank credit will continue to be decisive in the coming years to maintain sustained growth in the Spanish economy.


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