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character request thread
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thought id make a thread for character requests. post a list of any character you might want to buy a doll of and if a character gets alot of requests a poll thread can be made for that character and with enough votes it might get made. 
my requests: first not really a character but we really need custom cloths for lots of these characters. just their iconic outfit to ship the doll with. tho a selection of hard to find sizes for certain types of cloths would also be nice and im betting they would sell too (not to mention the better pics you could get if there was easy to find lingerie or bondage cloths for these dolls) anyway now for the actual character requests. ill seperate them by where theyre from (like what movie or show or whatever) 
so 1st place of origin is superhotdolls. i would really like to see an adult (teen) doll with a nice innie pussy like those seen on cindy and tia. or a preteen doll with small perky tits. the teen doll might already exist, we really need good crotch shots so i can tell.
2nd place of origin is wreck it ralph (movie): i would like to see vanellope von schweets and any/all of the other female racers
3rd place of origin is ben 10: gwen tennison. to clarify im talking about the origional ben 10 show, not the new bobblehead edition. an alienforce gwen would also be cool
4th place of origin is avatar the last airbender: katara, toph beifong and tylee. 
5th place of origin is avatar the legend of korra: theres a large time gap between season 2 and 3 and some characters get older. i would like to see ikki from season 1and2, jinora from season 3and4 and either jinora from season 1and2 or ikki from season 3and4
6th place of origin is inspector gadget: penny
7th place of origin is alice in wonderland (the old cartoon movie): alice
thats all the ones i have for now. might add more if i find a character that would make a good doll


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