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In this topic I will share testimonials from customers.

Most of these testimonials were shared on ATF (Ï'm a vendor there). I will share the links of the original testimonials as well.

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Testimonial from FunkySam (ATF member).
Link to original testimonial: https://allthefallen.moe/forum/index.php...git.14301/

Hi everybody!
I recently purchased a doll from Superhotdolls. Here's my review.
I start with this: I am very happy with my purchase but in the interest of full disclosure, I will reveal the negatives as well as the positives. This way everyone can make informed decisions. I believe in honest mistakes, and I'm convinced that the negative below was just that.

I went into this with 2 requirements "Doll must ship from a USA warehouse" and "No big titties." I was originally asking if they had a very particular doll from a photo Superhotdolls posted in their thread, and I was assured that they would ship that one from the USA warehouse. I paid for it and prayed that I wasn't just scammed out of my money.

The next day I was informed that they made a mistake and that doll was out of stock in the USA warehouse, but they could ship it from overseas. As I didn't want anything at all to do with customs, I asked what my options were. After a little back and forth, I was presented with this doll. I fell in love and asked if I could get her. By this time I was sick with worry because I thought my money might have disappeared, but all that worry was for nothing.
The very next day they sent me a tracking number, and a few days later I got my box. I had it sent to a pickup location, and when I arrived there I saw it. The largest box there, standing on its end! When I got it, the end it was sitting on was the heavy end, which is the neck end. More worry...

It was packaged well, and there was absolutely no damage to the neck, thankfully.

I was not prepared for just how heavy this would seem to be. It was like it gained 20 pounds once it was out of the box! Just under 30 pounds doesn't sound like much, especially when your job is a hard job like mine. But this is 30 pounds of fragile material in an awkward to move around shape. It gets me just about every time I want to move it around.

It fits in a size Small leotard, and size 4/4T clothes are a bit loose, but they hide the little breasts it has. Size 2T-3T panties fit like a sexy glove, but 4T-5T give a little wiggle room so are probably the best choice. A tie type adult micro bikini fits just as you might expect, and is sexy as hell!

I mostly wanted this doll for cuddle time, to dress up, admire, take photos of, and once in a while make use of it for its intended purpose.
I was worried about introducing another partner to my bed, but she seems to like Platelet just fine.

I will include these three photos here, but will link to a photo shoot thread for more. Just click -> It's right here!

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Testimonial from Nines (ATF member). He purchased Mika. Link to original testimonial: https://allthefallen.moe/forum/index.php...nce.14472/

Heya. So, I figured I'd leave this here. I bought a doll from @superhotdolls and she arrived today. I had arranged a payment plan to buy her, which I did over several months. Was in talks with @superhotdolls about a few options for dolls in the meantime.

As for the payment plan itself - entering into the payment plan didn't reserve any specific doll, but was able to build up funds until I had enough to pay for one of his dolls. So think of it moreso as building up funds until you have enough to make the purchase complete. @superhotdolls was in contact the entire time and helped me with questions I had along the way. We used partial.ly for the payment over time, which handles the transaction. I also finished the payment with paypal.

Shipping went off without a hitch. The moment I finished paying for her, she shipped that night. Arrived the next day rather early in the morning. Shipping was free, and I was given a tracking number to see where the package was.

As for the packing itself, the doll was very well packed. Tons of padding and bubble wrap. Had no damage to her at all.

And now for the doll itself...


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Testimonial from Einbjorn (ATF member). Link to original testimonial: https://allthefallen.moe/forum/index.php?threads/superhotdolls-loli-doll-100-cm-for-350.12946/post-19149033
So I just recently received my doll that I ordered from Super Hot Dolls and I can say I could not be happier with my purchase. I went with the Yetta 100cm doll. It's my first doll and I know I'm going to make mistakes so I wanted something affordable for when I inevitably need to replace her. She came in a very discrete brown box that was full of surprises. There was the instruction manual, a lingerie outfit (I have yet to open) , an extra set of nails, a wash bottle for you know where Tongue a set of gloves for handling the doll (glad you thought of that superhotdolls I didn't) and she even came swaddled in her very own blanket.

As far as the ordering process. Really straight forward, click and go. I had the added benefit of having superhotdolls here to tailor some parts of my order and keep in contact with me through the whole thing to answer any questions or concerns I had.

Shipping time was only 4 days. Although you could expect to have to wait longer if it's necessary to ship from overseas obviously. I had originally wanted a smaller bust size but due to where I live and availability from the warehouse here stateside I decided to go with the C-cup which was in stock, thus the quick delivery time.

All in all a very pleasant and stress free experience. WILL DEFINITELY be ordering again. Thanks again for all your help superhotdolls. It was much appreciated!


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Testimonial by MrMiyagi 
SHD asked me to write a review after I received the doll I ordered, and I'm happy to do that.

Im the owner of that 65cm ABX doll "Cecile" above.

Excellent communications with SHD throughout the purchase and deliver process.

I really liked the payment options offered and it was probably the biggest factor in my purchase decision.

Interesting my actual doll was manufactured when ordered, took a few days but i think that gives you some customization availability.
SHD will also send you pictures once the doll is produced (mine that picture above) before they ship, eliminating any surprises.

Shipping was to USA, to a state identified as legal for purchase. Delivery took more days than average, but understandable due to virus shipping backlog.
Once the package was in country, it went thru customs, to the final shipper and to my door in 24hrs. Box came discreetly packaged, well packed and completely routine.

Looking forward now to ordering a "big sister". 


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Testimonial by MrMiyagi
Source: https://allthefallen.moe/forum/index.php...8cm.16648/

Ok, I have been meaning to post a review of the Nina doll I purchased thru SHD

Pathos did a great review of his 128 and I share very similar experiences

Nina is the second doll Ive purchased thru SHD. I purchased the Cecile doll in March and she arrived in April. See the details in separate review.
With that success I quickly ordered Nina (a "big sister" idea to Cecile but regret not to the same size scale) on 14 Apr and she arrived at my USA door June 1st.
In these Covid times long shipping times is just a fact of life right now. SHD I think went out of their way and was very resourceful to get the doll on its way and delivered.

Im not going to describe every detail here, just some highlights. I will be happy to answer any ones questions.

Weight is not mentioned much but should be considered. Weight is one of the factors why I choose the 128cm size.
Mostly thinking about shipping weight (40lbs) but also amazed how heavy a 35lbs doll can be when you pick her up and carry her around for the first time.

Was looking for a doll in the scale of a 8-10 year old, Nina fits that size well to me, although she wears clothes sizes much smaller. More on that below.
Nina is much stiffer than the Cecile and her joints take a bit to move around. I think though the joints will loosen up easier over time.
The stiffness makes her not quite so soft and intimate when sleeping with, but totally awesome when you see her naked and waiting for you in the shower.

It is great that SHD gives you a good description of the doll's measurements. I used these closely to start buying clothes even before she arrived.
Yeah, I think clothes is a big part of the appeal, dressing (and undressing) her in both kids and also cute (sexy) adult clothes, is an amazing thrill.
Nina in kid clothes is a good US girls size 5. Disappointed though that even the smallest adult size fit very loose on her (you can gather up the excess material in the back)
Biggest fail was shoes. With Nina's 6 1/2 in foot thought maybe I could get her in some heels. But even a small US size 5 (36CN) it's not even close to staying on her feet.
SHD likes the idea of an shoe "insert" that could fashioned to fit over the doll foot which would add length and girth to the foot in order fill in the space in the shoe.

Overall great experience and I'm really keeping my eye on that toddler project to get a proper "little sister" for Nina.


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Better response on post RE: Testimonials
Testimonial by Aries
Source: https://allthefallen.moe/forum/index.php...18&slide=0

Here is my review of a custom doll I ordered from Doll-Orphanage aka superhotdolls.

This seller is legitimate and super helpful.
To be honest it feels more like you're dealing with an acquaintance because they have a visible personality which is a good thing in my opinion.
They respond in a timely fashion and work with you thru conversation and do their best to get you what you're looking for.
I started the conversation requesting a specific body from ABX and an alternate head from the same seller.
Made the order/payment thru the website(custom order) with PayPal which was the main option at the time which has since changed due to PayPal being scumbags.
After that the seller began working on my order pretty quickly, within a couple hours.
ABX for whatever reason could not mix and match like I wanted and ended up using an entirely different body than I wanted which I never would have known until getting the doll but thankfully superhotdolls sent me a picture of the doll before moving forward.
After seeing the picture I discussed it with the seller and they immediately wanted to make it right.
With a little back and forth they knew the appearance I was after and sent me pictures of bodies and heads from various sources and they made it work.
I'm happy with the doll that was produced and I would have had buyers remorse if I had gotten the initial doll.
You'll have to ask superhotdolls exactly what head and body were used since I picked from pics to make her, she is 126cm.

About the shipping, it was a long boat ride but no suprise there due to Covid-19 limiting shipping options at the time, faster options might be available again.
The carrier was UPS and the tracking number is given to you immediately but will not update until they get it from the boat.
The boat ride takes 30+ days to the USA, lands in California, then you get tracking updates.
Box was discreet but I still made sure to intercept the package to avoid complications.

As for the doll quality, I have never owned any of the other dolls from Catdoll or similar sellers so I can't compare them but this is not my first doll.
I've owned adult style tpe dolls in the past of pretty high quality and this doll is on par with them.
The prices are very reasonable for what you are getting, just compare them to other sellers and you'll see what I mean(keeping in mind the quality).
This doll is very cute in my opinion as far as appearance and the tpe quality is great.
I'd suggest to anyone with the means and lifestyle that can support having one to get one.
Probably sooner better than later because you never know when your government will ban them.
Not trying to be political but just saying don't be scared to go ahead and get one while you can.

TL;DR: Seller is helpful and legitimate, doll is good quality, get one!

I'll include some pictures but they will probably be bad due to using a camera phone.
The eyes are aftermarket and some minimal makeup is applied.

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Review by slowpokelover
Source: https://allthefallen.moe/forum/index.php...oll.17277/

I won't be posting any pictures for personal reasons, as a longtime lurker this is about the only post i'll ever make on this site respectfully for the service that SHD has done for me.
I've owned dolls in the past, one really fancy WM with all the enhancements, and a throwaway that was my first (low quality store brand doll that broke down pretty easily)
I am surprised to say that the quality of SHD's product was on par with the WM doll that I own, and for the price that is fantastic. $800 is typically scam prices when buying a doll, but I think this is due to the size of the doll more than anything. The quality is more than satisfactory, I cannot say how it compares to something like a Catdoll.
The doll itself isn't very heavy, its easier to move around than a full sized doll at around 45lbs, its easy to toss around without having to worry about damaging it in the process. The one thing that is noticeable is how stiff the nipples are, but this is due to the nature of TPE and the fact that you can't make breasts jiggly below a C cup and a certain height.
One caveat that I have is that the doll shipped with a very basic outfit, which was not what I requested but is not really a problem as typically doll companies throw you whatever they have in stock (like a basic bikini, or a cheap piece of lingerie). Regardless, when owning a doll one should consider that they will eventually fall into the shopping/dressing rabbit hole.
The shipping took a full month due to the fact that it was shipped by sea, and as always this is led by anxiety of discovery, or the box being intercepted, but overall I got it and am more than happy to say that SHD is totally legit vendor that deserves your attention if you're looking into buying a doll.

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Source: https://allthefallen.moe/forum/index.php...oko.22527/

Earlier this month I did a review on the first week with Mia, my 90cm toddler doll from Super Hot Dolls. As you may know, I got a second doll last week and named her Motoko. Yes, loli Queen Kong. She's 138cm from Super Hot Dolls and made by AXB.

I love little Mia to bits. She's little, cute, fun, and sexy! There are others here that have more than one doll and it looks like fun. I decided that if I got a second doll, a sister for Mia, I want her to appear older. I decided that a doll with budding breasts and about 140cm would be perfect.

I emailed Super Hot Dolls and we began the hunt. They showed me a bunch of bodies available and when I saw Motoko's body, my bell was rung. Then we picked out a head and finalized the order.

I cannot remember the designation of her head. I love her face though.

Waiting for Motoko was a stress free affair. Compared to Mia, and all the anxiety of ordering my first doll, this was easy.

She arrived packed really well. Her TPE feels like it's hight quality and durable. The fingers are wire and the wrists don't rotate.

She does have an Evo skeleton and I'll never get another doll without one. Moving the hips and shoulders is a bit like solving a puzzle. You can duplicate human poses but you will not get there the same way. Go slow at first and experiment moving the joints in each direction.

I get her cleaned and rub her down in vaseline, then wipe her down and powder her. I assemble her and get the wig in her and my heart melts. She's just beautiful!

Mia is tiny. Moving her around while playing with her is no big deal. Motoko isn't heavy but she's heavier than Mia. Moving her around takes a little effort and I do it often. Fitness has improved. Doll Fitness has been born. Soon I'll look like Lou Ferrigno while tossing chonk oppai dolls around the house ?

Dolls of this size are fun to dress because you have more options. There's no crotchless bodysuit for Mia that I can order without a custom request. For Motoko, the sky's the limit. She has wonderful well developed hips and ass that fits some women's size small and most extra small panties.

The three of us, four of you count the dog, spend a lot of time together. The girls sit next to me or on my lap while we watch tv. Mia will sit on the counter, far away from splashing grease when I cook.

I had Motoko in my lap a last weekend. She had her head on my chest and her hand on my arm. I had my arm around her while she was in my lap. It just felt peaceful. So much so I woke up a couple hours later. I had fallen asleep with my doll in my arms and woke up exactly as I fell asleep. There's more of a full body experience cuddling her compared to the toddler doll for obvious reasons.

Sex with her is great. I'm not sure if all AXB dolls have this feature but there is almost a "hymen" built into the vaginal canal. It's a little too deep to be a hymen and way too shallow to be a cervix but it's there. It adds to the sex sensation though. The sculpting of her vagina is good but not spectacular. The sculpting of her butthole is surprisingly detailed, however.

Overall I'm really happy with Motoko. She's been the perfect addition to my little doll family. My next doll will be silicone. The only question is will she be a mommy or a little sister?

Here's some pics of Motoko.

Many thanks to Super Hot Dolls for the excellent service!

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