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The rules are simple. No spam, no rude behavior or trolling, no links to external websites. 

Please note that child porn and the encouragement of having sex with real children is forbidden in the eyes of the law and also not allowed on this forum! Posting pictures of real children will also lead to an instant ban.  

I will not tolerate the promotion of other vendors. I made this forum for my own webshop: https://doll-orphanage.com.
If you want to advertise or endorse products from other loli doll companies then I recommend you do this somewhere else. 

People are of course allowed to give legit criticism about our products, but I urge you to first ask us for clarification if you have an issue with something. We do our best to provide the best possible service and high quality products and we don't deserve to be treated without respect. 

Negative people who attack us or other members for no legit reason will be banned without warning. 

This is a positive community where people can share their passion for loli dolls. Let's keep it friendly.

Looking for a cute Loli to adopt? Visit the Loli Dolls Orphanage Big Grin.
Looking for an adult companion instead? Visit Super Hot Dolls  Wink.

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