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Full Version: Adult dolls information & Forum rules
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Adult sex dolls are great for fulfilling your sexual fantasies in a constructive way. To understand how they can be used to fulfill all your sexual fantasies just visit the sexy stuff section:

Adult sex dolls can offer pleasure, companionship and they offer many benefits. To discover all the benefits you should of course try it for yourself, but if you want to learn more then just read our article: 6 reasons to buy  a love doll

Unfortunately, the adult sex doll market is extremely saturated, so at the moment we are not really focusing on promoting adult sex dolls. You can still expect a quick reply from us and good service, but we stopped advertising and won't be adding new dolls to the adult sex doll shop.
However, we do have plenty of adult sex dolls available for a good price.


We are an established vendor on ATF (big internet forum with 100,000+ members) which means that we are a vendor that you can trust.
You can view testimonials from ATF members here:

You can also start a payment plan (pay in installments). Please note that we will only ship once we received full payment.

You cannot link to external websites on this forum. Don't try to endorse, advertise or promote other adult sex doll webshops here, doing so will lead to an instant ban.

If you have pictures or videos of a love doll that you own and you purchased it somewhere else, of course you are free to share the sexy content you created, but just don't mention where you purchased it.