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Full Version: Trottla dolls
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are there any plans for trottla dolls to be sold on the site because buying from trottlas website outside of japan is pretty hard
Trottla is not even able to offer a secure connection to its site in HTTPS, therefore no surprise when you consult its sloppy production. Big Grin
Pretty sure they don't allow resellers.

When I open my own factory, I will produce similar dolls and then shipping shouldn't be an issue.
For those who are unaware.

The owner of Trottla dolls does not ship outside of Japan anymore. If you buy from him then he will promise to ship outside of Japan, but he will simply keep all your money and not ship anything. He is a thief, a racist and very rude.

I hope he will go out of business soon. 
Yes, the site Trottla seems very shady, that doesn't surprise me, thank you for the details